How to Maintain Your Pool Through Stormy Weather

With many areas impacted by severe storms it is good to know how to maintain your pool when this happens. Here’s a good checklist to use:

– Check water level and adjust accordingly – leave at middle of skimmer or slightly higher.

– Balance water chemistry – Calcium, Stabilizer, pH and Alkalinity.  PP&P offers FREE water testing.

– Remove all debris from solar cover or pool, and empty skimmer baskets, as quickly as possible. Use a leaf rake to scoop debris from the bottom of your pool – do NOT use your automatic pool cleaner to remove large debris.

– Check pump strainer basket for any debris and empty.

– Shock pool once weekly, or after a storm if large amount of debris.

– If there is damage, take pictures of everything – including the pool, the equipment and all damage – just in case something doesn’t develop until 30 days down the road.

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