Pressure Side Cleaners

Pressure Side pool cleaners are usually installed when the pool is originally built as they require a separate plumbing line and booster pump for them to operate.
While not really something that you can retrofit, many customers need replacement cleaners or booster motors.   We stock booster pumps and replacement motors year round.  Installing a new motor or pump can be installed by our technicians in about thirty minutes.
Pools Patios and Porches stocks Polaris model cleaners as our primary pressure side cleaners, but we can order other manufactures cleaners as well.
Polaris’s new 3900 Sport cleaner replaces older model 180, 280 and 380 cleaners.  It has more vacuum power then older models and also uses stainless steel hardware and a durable plastic frame.  Built more durable and designed to run on less maintenance then older Polaris models, the 3900 sport is the perfect upgrade to an old pressure side cleaner.


Polaris Pressure Side Cleaner

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