Salt Systems

Salt Chlorination Perfect pHWhy choose a salt system for your pool?

With the high costs of chlorine products, salt chlorinators eliminate the need to buy chlorine.  These units convert salt that is dissolved in the water into pure chlorine.  After sanitizing, the chlorine turns back into salt.
Continuous sanitation – The unit produces chlorine whenever it is on and there is proper water flow through the unit.
No shock – Continual output of pure chlorine, means as the water passes through the unit, it is shocked.
Less chemicals in the water – Water remains more balanced, as the by-product is a slight increase in pH; continual sanitation means less use of algaecides.
Clear eyes – Output of pure chlorine continually breaks down chloramines which causes red eyes.
Soft Skin – The level of salt in the pool is similar to the salt level in your skin, so the water does not dry your skin out.
No noxious chlorine smells – Output of pure chlorine continually breaks down chloramines which is responsible for the chlorine.
No handling or transporting chlorine – The conversion of salt to chlorine eliminates the purchase of any chlorine, and with the BOOST feature eliminates the purchase of shock. Salt_ComfortChlorSalt_comfortchlor2