All Haviland products are in stock and ready for your pool!

Pools, Patios, & Porches is proud to stock ALL of its chemicals year round in either of its two convenient locations.  So stop in today to find what you need, and if you can’t find it or we don’t have it, we can get it!
Many different sizes of all Water Balancers, ranging from 5lb ph up buckets, to 50lb bags of Alkalinity Increaser.
High quality Non-foaming Algaecides for all types of green, yellow, pink, white and black algae.  Remember, prevention is the key to stopping algae in its tracks!  Pick up a bottle of Algimycin 600 for maintenance.
Staining is a common problem in all pools and its important to know each stain is different and how to treat it.  We have a product for each type of stain.  Just like for Algae, prevention is key to avoid staining in your pool.  Starting on a regiment of Sequa-Sol will ensure that staining never happens in the first place!
Specialty products such as Clarifiers, Enzymes, Tile Cleaners, De-foamers and Phosphate Removers.
Haviland Specialty Chemicals