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Vacation Pool Tips

Summer is in full gear and many people are going on vacation.¬†Pools require some maintaining even during vacations. But its not hard to do. Here’s a checklist to help you out:

– Test water and balance all chemicals

– Shock the pool at a level of 1.5 times the normal dose per 10,000 gallons.

– Reload your santizer, whether chlorine tablets or Baquacil

– Add algaecide – either Baquacil algaecide/CDX, or Combat Extra for chlorine pools.

– Remove solar blanket before going on vacation. This time of year it will overheat the water and lead to algae blooms.

– Make sure water level is at least half way up the skimmer.

– Remove or secure all umbrellas.

– Stack all furniture or move closer to the house.

РRemove all toys, floats, and maintenance items (particularly poles) from pool area.  Check and empty all skimmers.

– Any questions, call Pools Patios & Porches. We also offer vacation sitting if no one is available to watch your pool.