Things You Should Know About Salt Pool Maintenance

  1. Keep pH at 7.2 despite the normal range being 7.2-7.8.  This helps the chlorine to be more effective and minimizes scaling.
  2. Use a phosphate remover annually to keep levels below 500 ppm.  High levels will make your cell ineffective at producing chlorine, can cloud your pool, and make the water fell less silky.
  3. Use Haviland “Quick Shock” to treat your pool instead of the chlorine generator BOOST button.  This helps to prolong the life of your salt cell and keep stabilizer levels near normal.
  4. Use a rust and scale control once a year to help keep your cell free of white chalky build ups.
  5. Lubricate all metal handrails and ladders with silicone before installing to prevent electrolysis – making it difficult to remove these items in the fall.
  6. Salt pools require a slightly higher stabilizer level than normal chlorine pools, approx. 50 ppm


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