Three Keys to a Clean Pool All Summer Long

Most people think chemicals are the most important factor to treating your pool water, but this isn’t true. The three factors for a trouble free season are, in order: water circulation, adequate filtration, and third is chemical treatment.

Water Circulation: Circulating the water in your pool isn’t difficult, as long as your pump is in regular working order. Aim your pool jets so that the water circulates well. And swim and play in the water normally. Swimming and playing actually circulates the water in the pool.

Adequate Filtration: Filtration is very important in the water treatment so make sure your filter is the right size for your pool. Always make sure your skimmers are clean and free of debris.

Chemical Treatment:  Depending on what type of chemicals you use you want to make sure the chemical levels are where they need to be to keep you pool clean. Especially with a lot of use of your pool, heavy rain and hot temperatures.

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