arena Swim Snorkel Pro


Focus on your stroke without turning your head to breathe.


Need for MAC senior groups. 

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NEW! Add a more advanced strengthening to your breathing workouts and body/core to further improve your technique with the new arena Swim Snorkel Pro II. New headband strap makes it even easier to wear, more stable and fixed with a center-mounted position. Includes 2 mouthpieces for custom fit and 2 different sized breath control caps for advanced breath-controlled sets.

– Fixed headband and centered construction for maximum stability
– 2 mouthpieces to fit all swimmers a customized use
– 2 breath control caps for different levels of a lungs work-out
– Center mounted headband makes the Pro II Ideal for fast fin-swimming and flips turns
– New liquid silicone headband strap is soft and flexible making it easier to adjust to head and over swim caps.
– New designed headband strap quick-release clip makes for quick adjusting of strap length for custom sizing.

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