Baquacil 4-Way Test Strips


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Step One
Dip a strip for one second and remove

IMPORTANT: Do not “swish” or move the strip back and forth as this will affect the accuracy of the test. Ensure you dip the test strip fully into the water until the water reaches your elbow.

Step Two
Remove the test strip from the water and hold the strip level horizontally, pad side up, and immediately compare BAQUACIL® Oxidizer pad to the color chart on the test strip bottle. Do not shake excess water from the test strip.

Step Three
After fifteen seconds, compare the remaining strip colors to the corresponding color blocks on the BAQUACIL® 4-Way Test Strip bottle. Record the results of your test in the Pool Maintenance Log in the inside of the BAQUACIL® CDX® Pool Care Guide.

IMPORTANT: If the levels indicated on your strip need adjustment, refer to the Water Balance section in the BAQUACIL® CDX® Pool Care Guide.


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