Baquacil® Sanitizer & Algistat

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The principle chemical in the BAQUACIL System is a chlorine-free liquid sanitizer that provides safe, consistent control of bacteria and algae. It has a long shelf life, is highly stable in water, and lasts longer than chlorine without any of chlorine’s unpleasant side effects.


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The BAQUACIL CDX System is a 3 Part, CHLORINE-FREE system specially formulated to maintain a consistent oxidizer residual in pool water.  Baquacil Sanitizer& Agistat is Step 1.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sanitize with: BAQUACIL Swimming Pool Sanitizer and Algistat
  2. Oxidize with: BAQUACIL Oxidizer
  3. Maintain oxidizer residual and water clarity with BAQUACIL CDX product



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