Arena PowerFin Pro II

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*Recommend sizing up if on the border of a size. Sizes listed are US men’s, for US women’s size we recommend going down 1.5 sizes.

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Introducing the Powerfin Pro II

The Powerfin Pro II is perfect for the competitive swimmer looking to make the most out of their training. This fin was designed to specifically target the leg muscles in each phase of the kick. Just like its predecessor the Powerfin Pro, the second iteration is a must have in any serious athletes mesh bag.

Powerfin Pro II Features:

  • Short blade provides maximum forward thrust
  • Open heel allows for complete range of motion in ankles
  • Extra soft silicone construction ensures comfort while training
  • Notches and side grooves provide additional control which each kick
  • Left and right fins are individually shaped for a perfect fit

The Powerfin Pro II is PVC free.

Sizing Information: We recommend sizing up if on the border between sizes. Sizes listed are US mens, for US womens size we recommend going down 1.5 sizes.

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