Sirona Activate Granular

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Elevating Spa Care for Whole-Self Wellness

Sirona™ is the latest brand from the spa care experts. Safe, simple and effective, Sirona™  creates restorative waters, so you can truly relax and focus on wellness.


Rid your water of organic contaminants and ease into a cleaner, calmer spa experience. This quick-dissolving, non-chlorine shock oxidizer clears cloudy water, eliminates odors and destroys oils and lotions, creating shimmering clear water.

  • Ease into clean, calm spa water with a simple, two-step solution
  • Step 2 of 2 in the bromine purification system results in shimmering clear spa water
  • Eliminates odors, oils and lotions for clear, relaxing results
  • Formula works effortlessly with other bromine and chlorine systems
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and mineral purification systems


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