Sirona Brom Tabs

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Elevating Spa Care for Whole-Self Wellness

Sirona™ is the latest brand from the spa care experts. Safe, simple and effective, Sirona™  creates restorative waters, so you can truly relax and focus on wellness.


Rejuvenate with all the effectiveness of chlorine, but not the chlorine odor. When used as directed, Brom Tabs sanitize spa and hot tub water, keeping it clean, clear and free of odor.

  • Safe, effective and easy-to-use, Brom Tabs are suitable for all types of spa floaters
  • Keeps spa water clean, clear and free from odor for a more comfortable, soothing experience
  • Rejuvenate your spa water with all the effectiveness of chlorine
  • Low-dust, easy-to-dose tablets are compatible with bromine sanitizing systems
  • Escape and enjoy the healing powers of clean and healthy Sirona™ spa water


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