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  • 2024 Pool Opening


  • We will confirm your closing date upon receipt of this agreement & will notify you one week prior to the date of your closing. Weather conditions may postpone closings, and we will notify you if this occurs. Due to the variety of winter covers and weather conditions, a professional pool closing does not guarantee a clear opening in the spring.
  • Customer Responsibilities
    • The closing contract MUST BE SIGNED AND DATED to confirm a closing and agree to the services requested. Phone closing reservations are welcome and closing will be scheduled, but you must sign and return this contract before we will confirm a closing week.
    • Pool water must be CLEAR and balanced to close every pool. If your water is green, hazy, or filled with debris, additional charges may apply or closing may need to be rescheduled. If you need help, schedule a DELUXE pool closing.
    • All winter items (plugs, gizmos etc.) must be visibly placed by the pump and filter system. If items are not present or are in poor condition, we will replace them at a charge to the customer.
    • Please DO NOT drain your pool water. We will vacuum debris from the bottom of your pool while we lower the water. If there is a particular place you would like the water drained, please indicate this in the special instructions.
    • All closings scheduled after November 15th will have a $125.00 winter fee added.

  • A deposit of $250 is required with this agreement. A valid credit card and signed authorization to charge your credit card for all work and any chemicals or supplies needed in addition to this agreement, to properly close your pool, must be on file for all customers and the balance will be processed upon completion of work, unless paid in full, in advance, by check or cash. A credit card convenience fee will be added to all credit card transactions. We will not invoice you.
    Once form is submitted, we will call you to verify all information and obtain credit card information for the deposit.
  • >> Required for all pool openings regardless of method of payment.
    >> Submission of this form is considered an electronic signature.