Pool Maintenance

Pools, Patios and Porches’ service techs are professional and knowledgeable about everything needed to keep your pool running and crystal clear.  We provide a report on each visit to keep you informed of the status of the pool.  We also keep extensive records of each visit to be more proactive in the care of your pool.

Monthly Maintenance Service – includes chemicals

$585 per month

Maintenance program includes the following:

  • Weekly visit to pool
  • Removal of all debris from pool
  • Brush pool when needed
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Empty automatic cleaner bag/basket
  • Testing water
  • Balancing and shocking water – chemicals included
    (does not include daily sanitizing or shocking products such as tablets, salt, Baquacil, etc.)
  • Backwashing filter when needed
  • Cleaning Cartridge or DE filter (monthly)
  • Making repairs on equipment when needed (parts additional charge) (up to ½ hr labor)
  • Texted report sent to customer after completion of each weekly service
  • Priority service for problems

A maintenance contract with signature and credit card infomation is required before an appointment can be scheduled:

Vacation Pool Sitting Available

Call for details 301-698-1200