Vinyl Liners

Beautify your swimming pool with a professional pool liner certain to transform your pool into a spectacular backyard showcase. Professionally-designed, beautifully varied.

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The Best Fitting Liners in the Business.

Merlin pool liners are custom-designed for your pool to provide the best possible fit and durability. Each liner is CAD-designed and custom manufactured to accommodate steps, angles, objects and unique configurations.

Silk Seam

Merlin even has your seam covered. Our SilkSeam process creates a flat seam that’s easy on your feet and less likely to catch sediment and debris.

Not sure if your liner needs to be replaced? We recommend reading our Inground Vinyl Liner Replacement – simply scroll down.



How often do pool liners need to be replaced?

Vinyl pool liners typically last from 10-15 years depending on a range of factors. Variables like water chemistry, sun exposure, frequency of use & regular cleaning can all affect the lifespan of your liner.

Four signs it’s time to replace your liner:

  1. Visible tears or cracks in the liner especially if in corners.
  2. Wrinkles on the walls or floor may indicate a leak or stretching of the vinyl.
  3. Extreme fading of the liner pattern.
  4. Liner constantly falling out of the track or detaching from the bead.

Replacing your vinyl liner creates an entirely new look!

Replacing a vinyl liner gives you the unique opportunity to update your pool to a fresh, new look with rich colors. It’s also a great time to consider new features. Maybe add some custom steps or a tanning ledge (yes, even to a vinyl liner pool), a new color-changing LED light, new resin handrails or ladders in colors rather than that old rusty, metal one, new variable speed pump, or even upgrade your sanitizing system to SALT. Pools Patios & Porches installs liners between April and October in the Maryland area when warm weather provides the best installation. FREE estimates are available and require a measurement.

Replacing your vinyl liner is an investment in your home and family.

A new look liner with rich colors and upgraded features completely changes the look of your backyard and suddenly makes that old pool look 10x more inviting and exciting to use. Financially, you’ll recoup your investment if you sell your house. Buyers will be more receptive and excited about a great looking pool that’s ready to enjoy and offer you full asking price. Even if you don’t plan on selling, you’ll find your kids and grandchildren will want to spend more time visiting, ready for fun, games and smiles.

PPP provides a complete turn-key solution to liner replacement. 

Our liner manufacturer, Merlin Industries, makes high quality custom liners that fit beautifully and backed by their 25 year warranty – the best in the industry.  We replace all escutcheons, return/wall fitting face plates, skimmer face plates, and main drain covers with new, white fittings, gaskets, and new stainless steel screws to compliment the new liner.  Minor structural repairs are included, as well as all the chemically balanced water required to get your pool back to operating level.  PPP offers a one season warranty that shows we stand behind our installations.  Our liner installations will completely renovate your pool and enhance your backyard enjoyment. No liner is out of reach for our experienced technicians. Vinyl covered steps may seem like a challenge, but we guarantee a perfect fit. Even rehabilitating an old step is an option.