Pool Closings

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Even though it is sad to see pool season come to an end you do need to close your pool properly to protect it from the winter elements.  We can make your pool closing fast and easy with Pool Closing Packages and a Pool Closing Form. Our trained service teams for Frederick and Washington counties are ready to help you close your pool properly.
OR, if you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer, visit our stores for all your closing supplies!
We have all supplies you need to properly close your pool PLUS Free water testing AND Free safety cover measurements and quotes.

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Pool Closing Tips:

  • Close late September or October to prevent a fall algae bloom that will only worsen in spring and stain your pool surface.
  • If you must close early, retreat your pool with closing chemicals by November 1st.
  • Balance all chemicals properly before adding winter chemicals.
  • Vacuum pool and remove all debris before closing.
  • Add winter algaecide upon closing and again in late Feb/early March to stay algae free.
  • Fill water tubes for winter covers only 2/3 full to avoid freeze damage and rolling in winds.
  • Use approximately ½ gallon of pool antifreeze per skimmer (more is acceptable).
  • Use filter cleaner to cleanse sand, grids and cartridges of oils, dirt and bugs before draining water.
  • Water should be lowered to approx. 4” below skimmer surface, or below return line on above ground pools.
  • Do not plug the skimmer of an above ground pool.

The neater you close your pool, the easier it is to open!